Dermody votes for jobs, legislative consultation on RGGI pact

HARRISBURG, July 9 — House Democratic Leader Frank Dermody released this statement on his vote Wednesday in favor of legislation that would require approval by the General Assembly for Pennsylvania to enter into a multi-state carbon-capping program known as RGGI.

“For me, this was a vote to protect jobs for the residents of my legislative district. The communities I represent are home to two power generating stations and several large manufacturers that rely on the inexpensive electricity that is produced in Pennsylvania.

“Moving forward I hope to see more consultation and cooperation between the affected industries, the unions representing workers in those industries, and the administration about what joining RGGI will mean to all of us in the short term and the long term. I know there are ways to achieve meaningful carbon reductions that combat climate change while also creating new job opportunities for thousands of workers. I’m committed to such a solution. The legislature and administration should work together to develop a plan for Pennsylvania’s energy future in a way that provides opportunity and employment in the future while preserving the important jobs of the present.”

The House passed the bill (H.B. 2025) and sent it to the Senate.